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I sat for the Network+ (2009 Edition - N10-004) exam a couple of days back. I ended up receiving a score of well over 850.

As for the self study materials I used, it would be Sybex's Network+ from Todd Lammle (Despite a number of typos and similar errors I feel it's more detailed when compared to Mike Meyer's book but I could be wrong as I only ended up using Sybex stuff for Network+ and my A+ sometime back).

I would have to say that the paper was a breeze, I even ended up having time to review all of the 100 questions ( You'll be tempted to leave once you are done but I would suggest reviewing it just to be sure and don't change any answers unless you are absolutely sure, else go with gut instinct).

I'll include a couple of tips to help fellow peers sitting for the exams/future exam takers and so on.

For instance when the question of using straight through (568A) cables or crossover cables (568B) pop up the easiest way to remember would be to keep in mind what can be connected with a straight through cable (host to switch/hub and router to switch/hub only), anything else means crossover cables.

For subnet masks and CIDR (Classless Inter Domain Routing) values, remember that the values used are always 128,192,224,240,248,252,254 and 255 (Class C values stop at 252, /30)

Then remember that /8 = , /16 = and /24 =

So for instance /17 would mean and /27 would mean and so on.

Should make subnetting a whole lot easier, do practice all the command line utilities on your machine and make sure you know what other command line utilities looks like (dig, ifconfig etc should you not have access to a UNIX/Linux machine)

Last but not least do remember that RAID and Extensive Backup related information are no longer tested on the new version.

All the best for your exam and thanks for taking the time to read this, hope it helps
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