Lan-Guard from AddLogix - Anyone Familar?

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Relative doing some surfing and came across this, and asked my opinion. First off, told them it won't work on dial up, but curious if anyone else has seen this device in action? From their website:

LAN-GUARD is your one-stop solution to immunize your network from all network security threats.
LAN-GUARD is an all-in-one "Internet Hardware Security Gateway" that provides an inexpensive, comprehensive and multifunction UTM (Unified Threads Management) protection against all spyware, worms, viruses, malicious attacks, and other security threats from both inside and outside your network.

LAN-GUARD is your best guardian for a healthy network! Installation is simple! A total protection can be achieved by simply installing it between the cable or DSL modem and the main router.

LAN-GUARD: LAN-to-LAN UTM Harware Security Gateway

Under 200.00 so if it works, might not be bad for SOHO and SMB use.


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    Well they can't proof their website properly (hardware spelled harware), a little thing I know - but I think any professional organization should at least be able to ensure the proper spelling. They also have what appears to be a very slapped together website. Their website also lacks any form of contact information other than e-mail. I would stay away personally.

    I would look into Fortinet's offerings for another affordable alternative from a trusted company. They have a FortiGate line that offers a variety of options for a small office to a larger enterprise.

    Fortinet, Inc. : Network Security Software | Network Security | Business Network Security


    Another option is Untangle, I use this at home and we have been deploying them to our remote offices. It's an open-source offering that makes it's money through support of a variety of optional plug-ins but the free packages are fine for most SMB's or home offices. We run them on Intel mini-itx dual-core atom motherboards with 2gb ram and they can support an office of 50 with around 30 or so active users at any time easily.
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    Its a small ARM box that runs Linux + some other unspecified AV and filtering system. The info they give has a very low number of things it can catch. Only 4000 AV rules? No sign of any GPL source either but that may be on some hidden area that purchasers get access to.

    I'd do what msteinhilber recommended and get something else.
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    Dynamik pointed out Untangle on another post a few weeks ago. You can download the Free version from their site. Open Source Network Gateway | Untangle
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