Port Channel Question

CyanicCyanic Member Posts: 289
Is there a way to force particular traffic down a specific physical link in a port channel? We have 4 wireless bridges that reside within a port channel, essentially as media converters; two on each physical link. We would like to be able to get to their mgt ports. We have the port channel using the default load balancing.

One possibility would be to change load balancing to destination mac/IP, then manipulate the wireless bridges MAC/IP addys so traffic destined to them would use the correct physical link. From my understanding, the algorithm would assure that the same link would persist across reboots, correct?


  • CyanicCyanic Member Posts: 289
    We will be making the following changes to see if this works.

    1. Configure the port channel load balancing to use destination IP.

    2. Change the wireless bridges on the first port to use even number IPs (0 as the last order bit) and the wireless bridges on the second port to use odd number IPs (1 as last order bit). This may need to be reversed. We could call Cisco TAC, but what would be the fun in that.

    I will let you all know if my thinking is correct.
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