Passed this morning - what a LONG test

I took this exam this morning and passed with a 795. I have read all of the comments about this exam, but after making 905 on the 70-291 exam I figured I was in pretty good shape with this exam. This is a warning - THIS EXAM IS BRUTAL compared to 291. All 50 questions were LONG, and you have to know PKI and GPO in detail (no new news there). The SIMS were pretty straight forward, and there were 5-6 fill in the blank type questions.

I studied with MS-Press(crap) and Syngress (great) books. I also used Ucertify, Preplogic, and selftestsoftware. The Ucertify was not great for this exam, but the other 2 were very good. There were about 10 questions that were almost exactly what I saw on the Preplogic and selftestsoftware tests. The bottom line is that you need to know the Syngress book in detail, and you should pass this test with no problem.

Good luck to anyone that sits for this. Be prepared to take at least 2 hours, and get worn down by the questions. I would recommend taking 3-4 full tests, and get used to long questions, and getting worn down by the time they take.

On to 294 now, then 270, and then 298/299.


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