Second interview this Friday

I have my second interview with a very well known Minnesota company this Friday. I'm really excited but after being out for almost a year I'm almost wonder if I should practice up on RAID and some simple stuff like that.

I remember everything I did and I'm still good at troubleshooting. Its a help desk job but it will be a tad more then help desk its like help desk but it sounds more hands on which I love.

Wish me luck I'm hoping for the best on this. Any tips or advice I'm meeting with more senior IT staff then my first interview was with the manager.

Besides the interview I'm excited I finally get to break out my suit I bought a year ago I finally had it tailored but wasn't in time for the first interview just a few days late.

Wearing a nice grey suit, light blue shirt and a dark blue tie with little lines of Grey. Hopefully my wife doesn't tackle me in a fit of passion from looking so darn good.

Thanks everyone I'm really hoping for the best I was getting down after 10 months but even if I don't get hired I've found my motivation to study again and this is a good morale booster.


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    Good luck!
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    Good Luck man. What will you be supporting in this role?
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    All kinds of stuff. The company is working on standardizing the hardware and researching imaging solutions (I've used Acronis extensively and one of the programs they are researching \o/)

    But its a mix, Windows XP, ONE Vista box lol then a mix of Office 2000 - 2007 and NT, Server 2000 and 2003. They are also doing virtualization of equipment which is neat.

    Then they have a mix of software and what not.
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    Good Luck. Make sure you dress up and look sharp, time to talk professional on 2nd interview. I mean you need to polish up more advanced question or can be just an easy one. Who's know? Be prepare..
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    You could even take a few free online test prep quizzes (MCSA, A+, Net+) to brush up and/or job your memory.
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    Things went really well in my opinion now its back to the waiting game.
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