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hi guy
Our company has SQL server 2005 Database , I need to do backup unfortunatly I m not familiar with SQL database , we have Acronis True Image Echo Enterprise Server I installed on lab environment , however I thing I need agent for SQL server to backup SQL database ,
help guysssssssssss


  • RobertKaucherRobertKaucher A cornfield in OhioMember Posts: 4,299 ■■■■■■■■■■
    Check out the section titled "Creating a SQL Server 2005 Maintenance Plan" in this article:
    Creating Backup Jobs in SQL Server 2005

    SQL Server does a very good job of backing itself up. I have it backup to a file share on my backup server. But I also do it to tape via an agent. But using the maintenance plans I am able to perform a full backup at night, transaction log backups every few hours, and a differential at about noon.
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    With SQL 2005 it makes it super simple. Backup and maintanace using SQL 2000 used to be a pain, have to use DTSRun to encrypt your jobs, multiple steps to index, etc for maintanance plans. SQL 2005 now has a wizard thats pretty much idiot proof.
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