70-291 Passed

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Hey guys,

Today I decided to just go ahead and do a walk-in exam because I thought I was at a level of understanding to pass it, the worse that could happen is that I failed but at least I would know what my weak points were. Well it turns out that I passed :D I scored a 830, not too shabby IMO. And guess what thanks to you guys answering all my DNS questions my best sub-category was dealing with Name Resolution. So I guess this makes me unofficially an MCSA that is until Microsoft updates my transcript icon_cool.gif

What I used to study: 70-291 practice test on here, 70-291 Self-Paced Training Kit book, 70-291 CBT Nuggets, and a lab using Virtual Box following the 70-291 Self-Paced training kit book exercises.

My impressions of the exam: I must say for all the hype of this exam being the "beast" I found it just a tad bit more difficult than the 70-290 exam. What really caught be by surprised was how many questions their were dealing with web servers, as I had not really studied that much about that topic. I had 48 questions and only 1 sim, which I'm glad I got because it was the easiest sim ever, dealing with MX records and priorities, I wont say too much though because of NDA.

Anyways, I'm thinking now to either pursue the Exchange 2007 messaging administrator certification, since its always good to know messaging and since we are in a 2k7 environment. I gotta pass these before 2010 becomes the main messaging system everyone will use, I'm already 5 years behind the server os exams. Anyways thanks again for your guys help and support.



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