The Real Reasons for CareerID Being down on CompTIA's website.

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This certainly had some eyes glued, with such a subject header.....

Has anyone been able to find out?

Website says careerid has been dow nfor nearly 8 weeks because of a "database provider transition".

However, some are digressing, and think there may have been some malicious action, that is causing this prolonged outage.

Does anyone know what type of personal information comptia stores within this career id system? Personal info? addresses, certainly not social securit y#'s........etc......

This is truely aggrevating, that I cannot log in, and manage my account, considering ive payed $258 dollars, and passed the exam.

What type of corporate, customer experience is this?

As I said in one of my other posts on the general IT forum,

When issues in IT happen like this, issues that arise can be traced up the chain of command....and when issues related to databases, and website management come up, whose responsible? the IT manager?

the highest in the IT Chain of command is the CIO.

Randy Gross

Chief Information Officer

Randy-Gross.sflb.ashxRandy Gross is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) for CompTIA. In addition to oversight for CompTIA's internal IT mission and staff, Mr. Gross provides technology direction for member and IT Channel engagement using a variety of tools, including social media.
Prior to joining CompTIA, Mr. Gross served within the Consumer Electronics Association's industry data and qualitative research programs and worked on the development of online quantitative research software. Additionally, as Member Relations manager, he worked with senior association constituents within the Audio, High End Audio, and Digital Imaging industries.
More recently, Mr. Gross served as a manager at Accenture, a global systems integration and consulting firm. Over a period of three years, his worked with his clients on transforming distributed software QA functions into the world's largest software Testing Center of Excellence.
Mr. Gross graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with Honors from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill.

Maybe we need to contact this gentleman, and find out what is going on? This is some of the worst customer experience ive ever faced. And a nearly 2 month outage? Thats not quite an attribute of an industry leader.
Next up: OSCP
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