Yey Passed!

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Scored 772. Not a great score but a pass nontheless.

My advice to anyone taking this cert is simply to throughly revise ALL of the topics on the syllabus and then some!

When I did Network+ I lost a little confidence in the validity of Comptia certs as it litterally took me 35 mins to score 820 which I felt was just a little too easy.

Security+ has COMPLETELY restored my faith in the validity of Comptia certs. This exam is not to be underestimated.

I suppose that should have scored better but I was even asked questions derived from subject matter not even on the syllabus??? Some of the questions also seemed a little ambiguous.

To study I used the Sybex Sec+ study guide which I read in it's entirety. I also borrowed a friends Syngress study guide although I didn't read this from cover to cover. I watched some of the Learnkey video series and read 'Security+ for Dummies' which quite surprisingly was v.good at delivering precise bursts of information (just enough to keep you attentive).

Now onto 70-218 then I'm finally MCSA! :D
You learn, and you don't learn.


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