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I passed my A+ core a few weeks ago and registered with Comptia the day after. :D
Since that day I haven't been able to access any information icon_sad.gif and when I try to do a reset it says the e-mail address I gave them was not found in their database!
What I really want is the 2003 Operating system objectives.
Is there much on DOS (apart from commands) and Windows 3.11?

miniman :D


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    You should know all the common command line commands.

    On my exam I had no questions on Windows 3.x
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    They don't go back any farther than Win98, but you should definitely know how to get to various aspects of the OS, such as the control panel. Also, be wary of the differences. It may ask you to get to some files/applets in various versions of Windows, so make sure you remember how to do so in win98-winxp.

    The hardest part for me was remembering Win98, which I hadn't used in a while.
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    i just took it today, and i had about 2 or 3 questions on win 95, and one on win3.1, so they do go back pretty far
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