The box is done!

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Passed the 294 today even though I was sick and took way too long from starting to study and taking the test. Chock another one up to the MN crew.

I actually have to buy another book now that I have gone through my box-o-fun...weird.

True wisdom exists in knowing that you know nothing


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    Freakin' sweet dude, congrats! :D
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    congrats dude..... time for some cold beer and a little R and R....
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    Super99 wrote: »
    any tips?

    I would agree with Dynamik's assessment that this exam covers all of the objectives equally. The M$ press book was actually a good resource for this exam.

    I guess that as far as tips go I have three suggestions. YMMV

    #1 When working with OU structure questions I read through the question once and then sketch out the structure that I would create as I read through the question a second time. Then find the structure in the answer that most closely represents my sketch.

    #2 Make an honest assessment of yourself in comparison to the objectives. I knew that my experience would be weak in some areas due to little exposure to larger, multiple tree forests. So I drilled myself on FSMO roles, GC placement, Sites and site links, global failover, etc.

    #3 Lab as much as you can. I would have done better if I had spent more time with my lab on this test.

    I almost pooped myself when I saw my first "choose all that apply" type question on this exam. I had always assumed that MS wouldn't do that on a real exam and found comfort in that idea, now I will have trouble sleeping at night.

    I don't believe any of this violates the NDA, if a section does, please let me know so I can remove it.


    No R and R, but maybe a beer or two... I need to go back to the store for some more Blackened Voodoo and then on to 70-297

    True wisdom exists in knowing that you know nothing
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