PLEASE HELP!!! A+ OS in a few days!!!!!!!!

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I'm taking the OS part of the A+ next week. I'm really nervous b/c everyone I talk to says its the hardest test ever. They say its WAY harder than the Core part. I just hope I can come out with a passing score and become A+ Certified!!

Can you guys give me some last minute advice? I'm looking for some good online practice exams to see how much I know. Also, what are some key points that I should pay close attention to before the test? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Confidence. That's your best weapon at this point. You studied, right?
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    icon_cat.gif Good luck on your upcoming Exam!
    Did you get any CD's with any of your books you studied from? I got a CD with each of my books and they are loaded with questions. Also, this site has available practice tests. In fact, there all over the web. It's just a matter of picking and choosing your way through them all.
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    Try these.

    Best of luck!
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    I just took the OS test on and got 40/50 correct which comes out to an 80. Most of the questions I missed had choose all that apply, but I'm sure the real thing will tell you how many to choose. What are some other good practice sites? I know about these:

    Can you guys recommend any others that I may not know about?

    --Kerry :D
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    Remember that if you don't feel uber confident, you can always change the date of your exam at most places by a few days, just to brush up.

    Just don't make the mistake of psyching yourself out. I was terrified for my exam, simply because I hadn't taken any tests since High School. Just relax, read the questions thoroughly a couple of times, and answer to the best of your ability. When you get to a question that makes your mind blink and spew 4-letter words, mark it and come back to it when you've answered what you know.

    Honestly with the A+ there's no reason not to take them one right after another (well, maybe a short break to rest your brain and calm your nerves). The prep exams and such usually through out much more complicated material than what you'll see on @ half the exam. You can do it!
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    You have your Net+ which is harder than A+, you'll be fine. angel.gif Have faith.
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    Thanks everybody for all of the help. I'm taking the test tomorrow morning and I'll be sure to let everybody know how I did. Well I'm off to hit the books.

    --Kerry :)
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