Passed with an 846..........

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Passed with an 846 last Friday. This was my first IT exam and I was extremely nervous. However I found the exam to be fairly easy with the exception of three or four very 'ambiguous' questions.

When I say easy I dont mean to sound arrogant. If you read through the technotes special edition and take as many mock exams as possible you will pass. The exam is not difficult but as with any exam you need to be prepared. Over a 2-3 week period I used the special edition technotes and exam cram 2 as revision materials and preplogic/transcender exam simulators.

Special thanks to the webmaster. This site has been my starting point for my exams. It is an excellent resource. The special edition technotes were great, an absolute bargain. If you read through them, understand them and can answer the 60 questions at the end with an approx 85% pass mark you will sail through the exam. With out a doubt I would say that the best way to learn is through the exam simulators. I found a lot of my questions actually turned up on the exam. The simulators were far more difficult than the exam.

Anyway I'll stop babbling now. Thanks again to this site and all its members. Good luck to anyone reading this who is about to take the net+ exam. MCP 70-210 for me next..........


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    Congrats, & I agree with you. Good feed back also.
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    Congratulations! Great score icon_thumright.gif

    and thanks for the kind words and comments about the site and my TechNotes :D
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    icon_wink.gif Congratulations! I'm glad to hear how well the TE special edition notes worked for you, since I acquired them for myself not to long ago. I'm almost finished with my first book and am looking forward to diving into the "special" notes. Thanks..........
    "In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity"
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    Hey man congratz and good luck with your other studies

    I am starting the end of october with MCSA 2003 course
    Alway try,never give up to easy.


    Deal ,
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    Thank you everybody :D
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    Congrats on the new cert!
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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    Knowledge is life
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    Comparison to A+ exams, which one is harder?
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