What to study for 70-290? - Are the following enough to pass;?

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So I've got the official MS Press book, I must admit, it doesn't read to well.

So I've gathered some other sources of study, and will sit the test next week.

Here is a log-file (cmd /k "ls --color=auto "C:\70-290" > log.txt") of my 70-290 folder;
  • Certмagic | 070-290 | StudyGuide.pdf
  • 70-290 CBT Nuggets - Windows Server 2003 Environment
  • 70-290.Training.Kit.pdf
  • 70290SE.exe
  • efsg_ms70290.pdf
  • ep_ms70290_fast_facts.pdf
  • LearnKey 70-290
  • Microsoft exam 70-290 preparation guide.docx
  • Windows Server 2003 Group P...pdf (LeanThat)
  • Windows Server 2003 Group Policy and Security.pdf
  • Winstructor - Managing Windows Server 2003 Environment 70-290

So far I've seen a bit of CBT Nuggets, and read a bit of the Training Kit & efsg_ms70290 (ExamForce).

I'm planning to read;
  1. Windows Server 2003 Group Policy and Security.pdf
  2. ep_ms70290_fast_facts.pdf
  3. efsg_ms70290.pdf
  4. Certмagic | 070-290 | StudyGuide.pdf

    And watch;
  5. Winstructor - Managing Windows Server 2003 Environment 70-290

Before doing the test, in the next 7 days.

Can you please tell me if I'll need to read or watch anything else in order to pass the exam?

(including things I haven't ls'd out of my 70-290 folder)

Thanks in advance,


PS: If you think what I've listed to study in the next week is enough to pass, please also reply to tell me that. Thank you!


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    I studied the MS Press book and CBT Nuggets. The CBT Nuggets for 70-290 were excellent IMO. Know backups and folder/share permissions like the back of your hand. The MS Press testing software in adaptive mode is a good study aid. It will hammer you on any topic you are weak on. The test software was way harder than the actual test IMO.
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    Oh yeah, I had forgotten about that CD, though I only had the install disc.

    I'll look into it, thanks for the advice.

    If anyone else has some advice, please reply!

    Thanks in advance,


    BTW: I edited my first post taking out the forced asterisks.
  • PsoasmanPsoasman Member Posts: 2,687 ■■■■■■■■■□
    You should know how to create groups, user accounts, add printers, WSUS v2 or v3, know permissions for shares and NTFS, know how to create OUs, add and remove users, offline files and folders. You will probably see A LOT of questions on permissions, effective permissions, special permissions - really know those.
    take a look at the exam objectives on MS site and make sure you are comfortable with them.
  • Super99Super99 Member Posts: 274
    I just passed mine last week and I'd say the Microsoft Press 2nd edition book is a great source to study from.
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