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Paseed the exam (86icon_cool.gif -- pretty good score, and although I studied my ass off, I can't help but feel that it was luck. Ambigious and opinion based questions seemed common -- and maybe there is a 'correct' answer to every question, but some of them just didn't seem like they'd mean anything in practice.

Off to try CCDA/CCNA or something... maybe delve outside of the Comptia+ world for a minute...

thx for the help everyone



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    Congrats on the new Cert and a great score!

    The more that I read, ponder, and observe, the more I believe that CompTIA has a better idea of how to test a person for IT security issues than people give them credit for.

    Network problems, security or otherwise, are often simple but may be located/hidden in a very unlikely place and the hiding process be very complex. These things can take days with lots of expensive brain power involved--I see it and read about it often. So the analysis and answering of "Ambigious and opinion based questions", it seems, would be a good indicator of one's ability to do IT security.

    Try ambiguity and opinion at 2:00 AM. That's when you want all systems to have the ability to flash a warning box on the screen that tells you what the problem is, where the glich is located, or that the virus has been safely eradicated, or which port has been compromised and the exact proceedure to get the problem fixed. Or, where the instigator of the DoS attack lives, what his name and social security number are, etc. Unfortunately, that's not the case and the brain of Homo sapiens has to be involved. IMHO.

    But, you are evidently very adept at analyzing "ambiguous and opinionated" and should do well in your career because you have an excellent score! Again, congrats, and best of luck in the future!
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    Wow, great score and congrats on the new cert.
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    Congrads on the pass. I just pass today....
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    I plan on taking on the 20th and have been using free demo sites as well as TCat pdf and review. Do you think this will suffice? Thanks and Congrats on your pass!
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    Thanks. Hard to say what is enough for each person. If you know the objectives, and have exausted your resources, go ahead and take the test.

    Thx everyone
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