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I am going to be taking the sec+ exam here soon and want to continue on after that in the sec field. I am wondering if the SSCP would be a better step next considering i dont have the experience for the CISSP. I have 1 year of firewall admin experience which I believe qualifies me for full SSCP credit. I never see any job postings looking for SSCP in my area but do see the CISSP but without the 5 years i really dont have the credit to call myseld CISSP anyway. What do you guys think? Should i get the SSCP first then down the road get CISSP or just go for the CISSP assoc.

Also how hard is the SSCP compared to the sec+. I have your average knowledge in security and have been studying for the Sec+ so i know abit more then i did but is it much harder in your opinion? Also is it a computer based or pencil test?



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    I usually advise security people to start with the Security+ and then go directly for the CISSP if you have the work experience. If you don't, the SSCP is a good intermediate cert to get . If you only want to go for security certs that employers are looking for, I would suggest the CCENT/CCNA/CCNA Security/CCSP route for netadmin, or the MCSE:Security for sysdamin.

    The SSCP exam is more difficult than the Security+ exam. It's 125 questions in 3 hours that you take using a booklet and a Scantron form. The intermediate-level SSCP items are more technical and tend to be more complex than the items on the entry-level Security+ exam. Still, it's not nearly as difficult as the CISSP.
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    Thanks JD. I wont have the 5 years alotted experience for awhile so i think the SSCP would be a good place for me to go. Also it looks like it cuts 1 year off the time needed for the CISSP. I just hope that they take my 1 year firewall admin experience. I also plan on going the two routes you suggested already. I have always wanted the MCSE:S and CCSP with some firewall specialization in there.

    Thanks again.
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    Yes, having either the Security+ or the SSCP will give you one year experience credit for the CISSP.

    Good luck and let us know how your studying is progressing.
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