Great practice tests!

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Hi to everybody! Not here to pimp; but I downloaded the Sec+ .pdf from It seems pretty good. I also got the CCNA as well. The sale will be going on until Friday, and you get a link to your .pdf really quick. Unfortunately Kinko's won't print it out and bind if for me; they're scred of the copywright even though it say "Printable" right on the front cover. I just made an answer key in excel and scroll down through each page. Then I check each chapter when I'm done, and make notes on the stuff I missed. I think somebody else gave them good marks a while ago, so hopefully this sale will help! It's a come-on to get your name and number, really. The next day I had two people call me selling extended access ($100.00 for 30 days in one area only, all you can watch/download/test on), and a $2999.00 "lifetime full access" pass.


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    I've had Kinko's print two of PrepLogic's manuals for me. I just uploaded them to their site, picked a local store, and picked them up a day later. No copyright issues at all. Perhaps your local store is the one dragging their feet.
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    Ah... That's a thought. They probably wouldn't even check/look/care if it just dropped in like that. They did print and bind the Router Security Guide from the NSA though. That's good reading!
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    I downloaded 2 practice test engines for $49.00 each one for security + and one for Network + from prep logic. Haven't used them yet but already received phone call and email from them. I test on Friday for my Security +. Hope they help me.
    Dave Shapiro
    [email protected]
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