CCDP passed!

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Well, after CCNP and CCDA, it is hard to resist doing this one exam to round it out.

Overall, I enjoyed this exam more than the DA, and even more than some of the 'NP exams. Maybe its because I am a little more experienced, and can actually put a lot of what I learned to use. The 'IE studies sure helped as well, as L2/L3 topics are imprinted in my brain.

Test was pretty easy for a professional level exam. Lots of SAN, STP/L2 design, wireless, and voip questions. Nothing crazy though, and the new ARCH exam guide covers it all very well. No real surprises, nothing too technical, all theory, and really all things anyone working in datacenter changes/deployments should know. Not as many VPN/security questions as I had hoped, but lots of IPS/IDS questions (which I found odd).

Next for me is the CCSA/CCSE which I leave for a weeks training on Sunday for. CCIE is put on hold...again. No idea what the new year will bring though, depends where my focus at work goes (voice, security, ninja skills, etc).


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    I have had eye on completing this one for while, but just having difficulty mustering the desire to finish it...

    I thought I was close for while, then circled back through
    The all new Switch Book
    Routing TCP/IP volume 1
    Cisco IOS cookbook

    Currently studying MPLS....

    2 years non stop study.... CCNA-CCNP-CCDA..... need to press on...and finish CCDP
    I don't claim to be an expert, but I sure would like to become one someday.

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    Congratulations!! icon_cheers.gif

    I think the CCDP is a great certification to get/have -- for the people who have the "design gene" in their DNA.
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    MikeJ is this the design "gene" you mentioned icon_rolleyes.gif


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