Passed 290 today !

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(pls excuse my bad english, i'm from Germany icon_wink.gif ) This is my first post here, although i'm a "passionate reader" of this forum. Everybody loves to hear from a exam to get some advice, so:

I passed my 290 (my second exam - first was 270) today with 952 points ! I felt that this exam was way more difficult then the 270 - even if there are a lot of overlaps. I studied for 2 months - 3-4 hours a day on weekdays and a little bit more on the weekends. I used the Microsoft and the ExamCram book as "paper studies" and the VTC Training video for W2K3 Server (which helped me a lot !). In the middle of this time (the 2 months) i had something like a little "burnout" - if someone said words like "backup" or "single active directory domain" - i felt like buying a gun and useing it icon_twisted.gif ... but i cooled down and moved on.

I went to my testcenter this morning at 9:00 am ( about 1:00 am in the US :D) and got myself a BIG coffee and started with my test. I had 54 Questions - including 4 simulations. The question were not to difficult, but they covered so much stuff... If you know these Parts, then you know the most parts in this exam :

- Terminal services (!!!)
- NTSF and Share permissions (this should be like your mother language)
- Disaster recovery strategies
- Group scopes and how to use them

by the way : In germany you have REALLY better chances to pass the test if you're taking it in english language. The german translations are so horrible icon_rolleyes.gif.. you wouldn't believe it ! In the microsoft book they translated "Universal" to the german meaning of "Global" and so on...

Ok, now its time to clean my head for 2 Days and the i'll move on to the 291 !

CU - sUBzERoo


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