I got the McQuerry book, instead of Odam !

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I just received the Steve McQuerry CCNA Preperation Library : http://ciscopress.com/title/1587051842 .

I am studying for my CCNA.

Will I also have to buy the Odam book : http://ciscopress.com/title/1587200953 ?

Or should I get Todd's Sybex book ?


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    I haven't read it and don't know the author, but it seems it is all you need... 1024 pages and $90 should give you full coverage. Instead of buying a second book I suggest getting some good practice exams, such as transcenders, preplogic, examforce, or selftest.

    Do you have a router simulator or will you be using actual routers?
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    I will be using real equipment.

    That being said, as I advance to CCNP studies, I will probably go with the MIMIC Virutal Lab by Gambit.

    I think I am still going to buy another book once I finish with McQuerry's books.

    It is still between Lammle's and Odam's.

    I also will probably get the Cisco flashcards....maybe.
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