Where should I go?

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Hi All,

I just got Security + yesterday, see Security+ forum, I am now officially MCSA. There is no job market where I live unless you are a programmer, which I am not.

This my current track I want to take
Security +Oct 2009 ----Done
Network + Nov 118
CCENT Dec -125
MCSE Jan/Feb
>>>> Nov/Dec ?
Linux + March
C|EH April

I have a couple of discounts for Microsoft Tests which expire at the end of the year. I'll wait to see if any good deals come out for the others from the voucher store . My question is should I go for my MCSE or the Upgrade 70-648? or the go with Network+ and CCENT ?

I have resources for all the test I want to take, but I don't have the money , or a job right now. I saved money working on computers to better myself while looking for a job. I most recently was studying for CCENT before a the Security + so it is fresh. I have hard time processing subnetting because I can not do it quickly just a barrier I have. other than that I know most of the commands.

Where should I go from here ?

Thanks for the input
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    CompuTron99CompuTron99 Member Posts: 542
    Have you thought about re-location? Look online and check out job opportunities on other cities / states.

    -- Good luck with your search.
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    Ray SherfyRay Sherfy Member Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Goto USA.GOV and search for homeland security, the security will be desirable and you can be sure the criminology will be a chip in the cardgame too.

    Rember overnight success takes about 10 years.

    Good Hunting
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