Passed 293 Today

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Passed with an OK score had an hour left over.

5 sims - Revoke a C and publish the ..... ,create a S. R. policy, edit existing GPO adjusting S settings and issue a C, add a user to the CA to ..... requests and create a ..... that disables ..... services. That's what I remember.

What hammered me on the sims was the lock out of the configuration tools so know how to get it done the MS way (whatever that is) No command line other than using secedit. With the PKI stuff it's not overwhelming pretty straight forward. Some clustering/NLB default gateway (routing) 1 - subnetting, DNS lookup.

From the posts I thought it was going to be harder than it was . I used Test out CBT's (excellent), MS Hardcover 293 (good), Thompsons (better)

Testing - Transcenders, ******** and Testout .

Study time 4 weeks.

Thanks to the forum and previous 29..... posters. The information you have provided is invaluable.

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