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So I finally decided to stop procrastinating and took the exam this morning. I ended up passing with a decent enough score of 830. For the past month or so I've been snooping around these boards and some of the comments and positive advice certainly contributed to my success, so a big THANK YOU to all that contributed.

For my study material, I used the TestOut software for the old exam N10-003 in conjunction with the Network + Exam Cram (3rd Edition) from Mike Harwood which was used to plug in all the holes for the 09 Objectives.

As far as the exam itself was concerned though, I'm curious to know if anyone had an encounter when a question was asked and the correct answer was not an option? For example: (This was not one of my my actual questions;just an example)

What type of connector does a Cat 5 UTP cable use?

A) RJ-11
B) F-Type

I mean, I had about 2 or 3 questions where the correct answer was not an option.

Had anyone else have this issue?


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    Well, even though the correct answer is not one of the options, The exam says to use the best possible answer. I remember when i took mine, i had a question that didnt have the correct answer. If it were me and i had that question, i would have chosed the RJ-11 connector.
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    I had a question about which type of cable is MOSTLY used for 1000 Base network.

    CAT 5e was not in the options even though I'm pretty sure that is most common cable used for 1000 Base network. I choose the next most obvious answer.. So the correct answer might not always be 100% accurate but you should be able to eliminate the obvious. This can sometimes be hard though as there are 2 possible answers, you need to think hard and choose which is the most correct.

    In this case, the 2 possible answers were Cat 5 and CAT 6.. Knowing that CAT5 does work with Gagabit Ethernet it performs to bellow standard. CAT6 works best for this but is it the MOSTLY used in Gagabit ethernet networks today? I doubt.. If this question was asked back in 5 years from now then maybe CAT6 would be a better answer.. But todays networks consist of CAT5e mostly and it works perfectly well with Gigabit Ethernet.

    But as far has having NO possible correct answer given a scenario I can't say I have seen any of those when I wrote mine yesterday.
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