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What is the difference between MCDST and 70-270 exam?
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    70-270 is a single exam concerning professional administration of the OS.
    See the MS exam guide,

    MCDST a cert issued for passing 2 exams relating to user help desk enquiries.
    Exams guides are here,

    A good question. For the best answer compare the exams guides. It appears that there is overlap with 270 and 271, but 272 goes into the world of MS office applications. But MS is going to really test you on your ability to use tact in dealing with sometimes very irritated customers, I would imagine.

    I would further guess that the MCDST exams will be given in the context of someone who has limited Admin rights(a typical help desk specialist, like me), while 70-270 is given in the context of someone who has complete admin rights.
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