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Hey guys new to the forums here. Im in the process of taking the A+ essentials test. I was a little bummed because my recent attempt was 660. I took the print out I got from the exam site and im going over the weak areas which was basically networking.3 objective areas I missed of were in this area. Im using the mike meyers book and the train signal videos. Any other links to web sites/ and or references would be helpful. I also tend to use wikipedia if i cant find anything.

I guess the main question is what is the way compTIA wants you to answer the questions. I found that I can eliminate 2 answers real easy and it comes down to 2 answers that sound very similar. I went back to look at private IP addressing, routers, etc... anyway thats all for now.


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    You're right, a lot of it is interpretive. We can't speak about specific questions from the test, but I found practice tests to be helpful in preparing for the tests. Most do a pretty good job of using similar language, and helping you to better interpret the correct answers. If you use the practice tests, make sure to read explanations. It will help you understand why one answer is BETTER than another. Good luck!
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    Well guys re took I got a 764 A+ essentials pass. I'm now looking for study materials for the IT technician for the 2007 objectives. Any help would be appreciated!
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