13 days until I attempt CCNA

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I pretty much read the entire ICND 1 book I have only read 1/2 of ICND book 2 but plan on finishing it up. I have a lab I have been working on (4 2600's and 4 2950's) but i will be seperated from my lab tomorrow. I am running Boson Netsim for my "lab" for the next 12 days. I am about to cover Routing protocols and theories as much as i can for the next 2 days. I am also going to work as many subnet problems and scenarios as I can everyday. I pretty much have RP-5C under raps and problem set 5 off the CD appendixes. I figure I will have an hour for lunch to work subnet problems and 2 hours after work to finish up studies on the last leg.

Any final advice for the next 13 days on getting prepped? thanks!


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    Finish reading the ICND2 book ASAP and allow some time in there for review.

    Print out the exam blueprint (and maybe the ICND1/ICND2 too) and start checking off the topics you think you know and already have covered for the exam. If you're taking the single 640-802 exam it probably still worth looking at the separate ICND1 and ICND2 exam blueprints too, since thay may go into "more detail" on some of the topics that are merely hinted at in the CCNA exam blueprint.

    Once you've got subnetting down, you can just do 10 minutes of "subnet drills" on subnettingquestions.com - Free Subnetting Questions and Answers Randomly Generated Online to keep your subnetting "warm."

    Maybe work out an emergency brain cramp subnetting chart that you can remember and jot down on your exam scratch paper before the exam -- just in case.
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    I agree with Mike's post. Finish reading the ICND2. Go back and review some of the "Do you already know" questions, if you miss any, review that area. Review anything and everything you can think of that you may be weak in, or have any questions on. In addition, do the subnetting drills like Mike suggested. When you go in, just remember as Mike once told me, Read the question, read the answers, re-read the question, and then select the correct answers. You can catch yourself thinking of the wrong answer if you do this properly, and then find the right ones :) Remember don't be too nervous, watch how much time you spend on a simulation. Do not spend anymore than 10 minutes. If you do, you will get rushed through the rest of the exam, this happened to me, thank god I passed :), But, after 10 minutes if you can't get it, you're not going to get it, do the best you can, then hit next, and move on, don't think about it anymore, until the test is over. Good luck and let us know the results :)
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