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What is the test really like, i just took the net+ test and passed it. I know net+ is harder than the a+. i am currently taking practice tests on test out and measure up. but how much harder are those than the actual test? i know my stuff, but i am having a hard time on these practice tests.


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    it's true that some sites offering practise tests will test harder than the actual exam. how did those sites' practise tests compare to your network+ exam?

    i found www.certify.com to be very close to the questions i got in my a+ ;)
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    i found that testout was just as hard as the net+ test. i did two weeks of class preparation and used the practice tests the school had.. test out and measure up.... measure up was simple, test out was harder.
    thanks for the info on the site, i am hoping to take my a+ core this friday.
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    good luck
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    Last Saturday, I cleared the a+ core test. The questions were straight forward. I think you have already done followings. Just to repeat:

    Note down the major points- component wise. For example: CPU-Slot/socket compatibaility of different processors/core-motherboard speed(see the Tech notes in this site); Memory-SIMM/DIMM Pin no., Parity/Non-Parity, Memory error type; Floppy-Type of cable/pins/Twist in the cable/ floppy problem-floppy light on/light off etc. Offcourse this type of information has already been compiled in Mike's Passport book/A+ Adaptive test. Try to catch hold above kind of book.

    You will be fine. You have already cleared Network +(Much harder test. I heard.)

    GOOD LUCK!!!

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    i have the meyers passport book for A+, i took his practice exam and i scored in the high 80s on the first test. but i do the measure up and test out tests at the school that i did my A+/Net+ prep at and i score 90s in measure up and i score high 70s in the test out tests. but i hear those tests are much harder than the actual test is. i know i am probably reading to much into this. just want to get it out of the way before i start my MCP prep next week... icon_eek.gif
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    BLUE, the A+ core and software should be cake to you. The is alot easier that you think. Then again I these test are like that. It seem that the prep exam and study guide are alot hard than the test.
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    the questions and scenarios in the a+ exams are much more straighforward than those in the network+ exam.
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