It's the final countdown

Hey Everyone,

I'm Scheduled for this exam for Friday the 30th and I have to admit this exam feels much harder then 70-291. So here I am in my last week and its crunch time so far I've used CBT nugget, Syngress, Trancender and Test Out to study with and I feel overwhelmed with information haha. Everyone says this exam is heavy with PKI and clustering and I feel like I am the weakest in those areas. Anyways I just wanted to post I am taking it Friday and I'll post my results when I am complete.


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    Good luck! Make sure you let us know! :)
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    Good luck to you! icon_thumright.gif Sounds like you have studied from plenty of resources. You should do fine.
    Next up: 100-101 ICND1 :study:

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    Well not sure how I was able to pull it off, but I passed with a good score (at least I think so) 863. The first question I got I knew it instantly and felt I was off to a good start, then the second question which was a simulation stopped me dead in my tracks. I was very weak with PKI material and what would you know the simulation was about PKI. The next several questions (Maybe 10ish) were hitting me hard with PKI. I think it was about question 12 of 50 when I was thinking to myself when I was going to reschedule the exam next lol. Anyways after I made it through the PKI stuff I started nailing the questions pretty good. I swear this test was harder then 70-291 at least it was for me. Now onto 70-294...

    Anyone know how this one is compared to 70-293?

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    That is a nice score, congrats!

    I thought the 294 was pretty tough, just like the 293. On the 294 you will study Group Policy until you start dreaming about it in your sleep.... Well, I guess that might be more of a personal problem that my psychologist and I had deal with. icon_wink.gif

    Anyways, good luck!
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    congrats on the pass.... I hope to finish my review on 293 before december... my head is aching on this exam already... hope to nail this one too...
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    congrats on the pass! icon_thumright.gif

    I have this booked for Nov 23rd... icon_study.gif
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    Congratulations! That's a very solid score too! icon_cheers.gif
    Next up: 100-101 ICND1 :study:

    Keep the Son in your eyes!
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