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I recently began the Testout training program for the XP exam (270). I like it a lot.

I read through the MS press book, but I still need to review and go through the exams. I've also skimmed the ExamCram2 book, and went through all 6 of my friend's Learnkey series just on XP.

You'd think I'd have nightmares about the stuff, but not yet. Still not quite ready for the exam however, and also not ready for the 'real world' end of it.

All I can say is this: Testout is pretty thorough, and a good companion to the book. The 2 cds for this exam alone run @ 50 hours of training, and go through a pretty decent amount of detail, as well as demonstrations. There are little mini exams at the end of each main topic, and it seems at the end of the training itself you can test on each topic with a barrage of questions before taking a simulated full exam.

The exams let you review your questions and mark them, and give detailed explanations of the answers. The exams remind me of Transcender.

If you're not an ace learner, then these might be worth the price tag. An entire MCSE tag still runs about the same as a boot camp however, so it's pretty painful.
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    I have got these and do find them to be very useful. When I did my A+ there were a couple of questions that I got on the test that only the testout had mentioned.

    I also feel the same as you about still not feeling ready and I have used pretty much everything that you have. I have still got the CBT nuggets to go through
    yet and hopefully by the time I am done with those I will feel more ready.
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    I use TestOut for my CCNA preparation and I find it to also be very useful. I think it's a pretty good thing to have. I like it!

    I do find that the questions on the TestOut practice exams are harder then the Transcender ones.
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