Passed 70-291, Now an MCSA!

macadomacado Member Posts: 7 ■□□□□□□□□□
I just finished taking 70-291; now an MCSA! Definitely a lot harder than any other MS exams i've taken to date.

I had 48 questions and 2 SIMs. Lots of questions on DNS. Suprisingly got very few actual subnetting questions. I got a bunch of APIPA questions, a bunch of questions regarding DHCP scopes, DHCP Relay Agents, a bunch of RRAS and IPSec Policies questions as well.

I know I completely blew one of the SIMs but I am pretty sure I nailed the other one.

Now off to 70-293!

The material itself seems very similar. For those who have already taken 70-293, how would you compare it to 70-291?



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