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Hello there

I am glad to be a new member of this forum as the Tech Guy from PC advisor referred me to it .

I am seeking a career in Networking and have some work experience and qualifications in IT .
I was one of the students of Cisco Networking Academy here in the UK , doing the CCNA . I enjoyed it very much and was a head of my class scoring over 90% on all exams . I had also a very good opportunity to gain hands on experience during the lab sessions which contributed towards enhancing my techinical skills . I have passed my ccna recently scoring 902 on my first attempt .
I am currently working in Retail as assistant manger and I provide IT support for a charity as volunteer.
I have couple of other qualifications like the CompTIA A+ and City and Guilds Diploma in IT .
I have also one year of work experience working as IT Technician .

I would like somebody's advice on what to do next to get into the IT employment . I have some ideas like :
  • Should I try to get work experience related to my CCNA ? and where ? In order to get to lead me to job
  • Try to find a job in IT as help desk and then go up
  • Do further study like MCSA or MCITP
  • Get intouch with the one of those companies who provide IT training and guarantee job at the end
I would very much appreciate any help or advice regarding these points or above.

Many thanks




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    IMHO, it really all depends on what you want to do.

    For me I did different helpdesk and IT jobs and figured out what I like to do and what I do not like to do. Then I aligned my skillset to match that.

    For instance:
    I went to ITT tech, I got a well rounded set of basic IT skills. While in there I realized I would rather gouge my eyes out than do programming, server work was ok but not really challenging (except the Novell and Linux parts) and I loved the Cisco stuff.

    Then through various jobs I realized I prefer network architect/engineer work. So I got a job at an ISP, went to the Cisco Network Academy and studied SONET to get a better understanding of the internet.

    Remember you can never have too many skills, if you want to be a rounded IT person go for some Microsoft or Linux certs. if you want to specialize, pick one and go all out for it.

    If your still undecided what you want to do, my advice is find either a job to use your CCNA skills or a job that has a vast set of job responsibilities and try it out to see what you like and what you don't like. Helpdesk and NOC jobs are a good for getting a foot in the door while you gain experience and figure out what you want to do.
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    Very good advice above already.

    I always thought that I wanted to work with Servers. While it is fun, it is getting boring, hence I moved to Cisco.

    I did the CCNA last year and am in the middle of completing the CCNP. I'm looking at going straight onto CCIP once I have finished with the ultimate aim of CCIE.

    Hopefully, my next job post should be as a Senior Network Engineer :)
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    Avoid the training companies with the "job guarantee" -- the only job it guarantee is the salesman's job for another day and a commission for making a sale. And the training companies that post fake "jobs" and then tell you on the "interview" you could get a "guaranteed job" with their training are usually lying, overpriced, and worthless.

    You've laid a good foundation. If you add some of the low level Microsoft Certification you may be able to skip the phones and get a deskside support gig. But in this economy, you may have to settle for whatever gets you transitioned to full time IT nerd.
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    Many thanks guys for your concern to help and for the general advice .

    If its related to me , then I would like to go into Cisco path . However I seek more recommendations for that or in other words , more to point .
    Perhaps some recommended people or companies to contact or try .
    Some specide job sites or agencies .

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    You could find Cisco Business Partners in your area by looking at the Cisco website Partner Locator and use that as a starting point for a Cisco specific job search. If you can get on with a Cisco Business Partner you'd could possibly get a great amount of experience in a short amount of time -- and access to the Partner Training would be priceless.

    Have you "touched base" with your Academy Instructor? They may have some industry contacts and know of opportunities -- or they may just be able to point you towards companies in your area that are big "Cisco shops."
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  • billscott92787billscott92787 Member Posts: 933
    It really depends on what you want to do. You must figure that out first. I finished my CCNA, I'm studying now for my BCMSN toward my CCNP. As soon as I finish my CCNP, I plan to work toward the CCIE. It's always good to look into the future, and picture where you want to be in five years. Set goals, work toward them. If something changes, adapt your goals. If you don't reach them in five years, keep pressing forward until you reach your goals. Sort things out and determine what you want to do, I recommend that as Step #1. I could have taken Cisco academy courses for free in high school and been CCNA certified and probably already a CCNA by the time I just got my CCNA. But, I decided to take Oracle and Java instead and decided that I DESPISE programming with a passion. I couldn't determine really what I wanted to do, right now I'm on a help desk, I actually got the job with no certs, no degree, and making excellent money in this area $48,000 to start and I've moved up since then from a raise. I believe they are giving me another for passing my CCNA :) but, I know it isn't what I want to do. Now we deal with VPN stuff, PKI (email encryption), and Incident Management reporting to US-CERT, as well as Antivirus stuff. I feel in love with networking when I started reading my first book, and since then when things get harder to understand, and I work at them, and read them, I like it that much more.

    If you want to get into networking, I'd look for a job to use your CCNA. If you like Server/Admin side of work, look for a server admin position or help desk position to get in and move your way up.

    You said, "Do further study like MCSA or MCITP." If you know these certs than chances are you've checked into them and have some interest in this area. IF you are interested in this area I would concentrate on the MCITP. From what I have heard it carries more weight than the MCSA and MCSE now a days. I heard it basically will end up replacing it. It sounds like you have the credentials, I would just start looking for opportunities.
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    To summarize the thing , applying for work experience at one of Cisco Business parnters would be a good idea to get a job in this field after few months ? ( having already A+ , City and Guilds CCNA 640-802 and some work experience as IT technician )
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    applying for work experience at one of Cisco Business parnters would be a good idea to get a job in this field after few months ?
    You have nothing to lose by trying -- that's standard advice.

    If you find an "entry level" job that requires two years experience -- apply anyway -- you have nothing to lose except a little bit of your time.

    If you can find a Cisco Business Partner that's doing well and need a delivery truck driver -- and maybe someone to rack 'n stack the equipment at customer sites -- you've got your "foot in the door." If they've convinced some of their small and medium sized customers to "outsource" their network admin to them -- they may need someone to answer the phone who can "talk Cisco" and schedule the proper person to go out and confirm & fix the problem. .... etc ... etc ... etc...

    You can also usually find the 100 Employers in your area (if you're in or near a big city). There are also the 100 Best Places to work in your area lists. There may be even be specific web job boards for your area -- <YourCityHere>

    You've got some skills, certs, and experience -- find a job, put them to use, and get more experience. And then start planning again to figure out what will help you advance in that job or help you get your next job in a year or two -- like more certifications or more education.
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    I apply to any and every position in the field that is advertised. It gets your resume out there and what's the worst they can do. Ok wait, they could take your resume and put it through a paper shredder, OH LORD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. LOL, just kidding, the worst that can happen is they say nope, not for this position. But they always could have another position they are not advertising yet, and be like hey, he may fit this position.
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    many thanks for everyone
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    Hello there

    I am glad to be a new member of this forum as the Tech Guy from PC advisor referred me to it .

    Hello there Hani

    I'm the Tech Guy from PC Advisor :)

    Must have been a while ago, as I havn't posted there for a while now.

    Glad you could join us
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    Hi There,

    Yes , I m glad to join this wonderfull forum and I got the best advie every that helped me to get my first job , so thank you personally for your advise and to everybody here .

    Kind Regards

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