QoS problem

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Hey all

So I thought I would pose this on here just to see if I could get any other ideas for a way to make this work.

We have our corp lan, with 3 branch offices connected via MPLS. What I am trying to do is give voice priority over the MPLS, as they are only 3mb links and fill up fast. Not looking to give priority within the MPLS, just what gets sent across first, and what gets dropped when we reach capacity.

Now my problem is I don't own the CE router, and all I have on my 'edge', is a 3750 that connects to the provider's router. I am trying to put in a policy without having the provider involved.

I have srr configured on the outgoing interface to the CE router, with voice in the first priority queue. I think the problem is though that the bottleneck is on the outbound of the CE routers, so the QoS policy is not dropping anything on my switch.

so the switch goes to the CE router at 100mbs, and the CE router is what is dropping traffic to get it down to 3mbs.

Now I looked into the srr-queue bandwidth limit command, but the most I can get it down to is 10% it seems. I could set the speed to 10, and hope the CE router is set to auto, and then set it down to 3. Does that sound like a valid step?

Any other ideas on how I can control my traffic more? Or maybe something I am missing. Or am I stuck getting the provider to (eventually) push the changes I need?


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