Route maps compared to class maps

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I am working on my ONT and am getting into class maps, and I am starting to get confused because I am used to route maps.

In a route map, at the end there is an implicit deny any at the end of a match block, is this true for class maps? I would think so but I have not come across anything it the book just yet to confirm.

Working on CCNP, passed BSCI, Currently working on ONT.


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    they are very different things.

    Class maps are used to classify traffic based upon a bunch of configurable things (protocol, IP address, Interface etc.) Then you use the policy-map to apply some type of QoS onto whatever is matched using a policy map.

    So for an example;

    class-map match-all test
    match protocol http
    policy-map http
    class test
    shape average 400000
    set dscp af33

    In the class map, it is just matching any http traffic.
    In the policy map, any traffic that is matched in the above class map will be shapped and have dscp af33 tagged onto it. So to answer your question these is no implicit deny at the end of class-maps. They are just used to match (classify) traffic.

    Route maps or more for policy based routing, for example;

    route-map test permit 10
    match ip address 20
    set ip next-hop
    CCIE# 38186
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    Route-maps are typically performing an action. Class-maps are used to match traffic so an action can be performed by a policy-map.

    They are completely different technologies.
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    I think he understands the difference, he is just not sure on the 'implicit rules'

    Since a class-map is generally used to match traffic, I guess you could think of it as having a deny-all at the end as far as matching is concerned. This of course does not actually deny traffic, just "do not match anything else"

    Class-map match-any QOS
    match protocol http
    match protocol ftp
    (do not match anything else)
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    Thanks all

    GT-Rob hit the nail on the head.
    Working on CCNP, passed BSCI, Currently working on ONT.
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