Frame Relay on packet tracer

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hello everyone.
i need some help for practicing frame relay on packet tracer.
i have a 3 router topology, i want to create a full-mesh network ( all 3 routers have any-to-any connection, no indirect connection).
now those of you who have done it on packet tracer know that there is a wan cloud on packet tracer for frame relays.
there are 4 serial interfaces of that cloud.
as i have 3 routers to connect to the wan cloud, i use the first 3 serial links ( link 0 , 1, 2 ) and connect it to three routers 1,2 and 3.
then i configure serial links on frame relay cloud ( not on router yet).
i have assigned dlci value and the name field on each serial link.
i assign one dlci value and any general name on each serial link.
for example serial 0 . serial 1 and serial 2 are configured like
serial 0 == dlci : 51 and name : a1
serial 1 == dlci : 52 and name : a2
serial 3 == dlci : 53 and name : a3

now for making connections between these routers, i click on frame relay tab and try to make connections between the routers but i get a message , the link could not be established . whats the reason for this ?

how to make connections between all three routers ?


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