Passed 621 with 833

brucewhunterbrucewhunter Posts: 26Member ■□□□□□□□□□
54 questions - No sims - Nothing to fear

The material was very straight forward with no surprises. No long questions. Look at the answers presented, **** the ones that don't jive then read the question.

I abandoned Vista after it came out and stayed with XP, I found it more of a problem than a solution.
Win7 sparked my interest again, using it since early Beta and it relates to Vista.

The exam took me 30 min to write.

For study I used a book by Darril Gibson MCITP-All in one. I recommend it. The writing style is frank and straight forward, there is also three exams incl. I actually learned some new tools. I also used the TrainSignal CBT for the Vista overview. Equally as good.

2 weeks study, for testing exams I used Trancenders.


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