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Hi Everyone,

I am new to this forum and looking for some help on working towards 70-290 exam. Can anyone give me an idea on the best material to use to pass this exam?

I have just purchased CBt Nuggets 70-290 and have the microsoft official course material at the moment. Can anyone give me any tips which will help me on my way as i am finding it very hard to know where to start with the studying.

I have been working with server 2003 for about 5 years with a user base of 1000 users, 900 workstations and 3 sites. I have ignored the microsoft qualifications for too long now and have decided that i really want to commit to the studying and get my MCSA hopefully.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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    MoC is pretty weak IMHO. Most people who rely too much on that end up failing. I'd get the MS Press book and through Transcender into the mix if you can.

    To answer your question from your other post, I think you might want to start with the 2003 exams since you have so much experience. You'll probably breeze through that fairly quickly, and then you can upgarde. Better to have both IMO. I'd recommend 2008 to someone just starting out though.

    Also, I just noticed MS added Windows 7 to the client exam for the MCSE, so you can take that and have that count towards your MCITP:EA Upgrade as well.

    Welcome to the forums and good luck.
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