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Finally A+ Certified! I took the Core part this past summer and never had the chance to finish the OS part. Everything was straight forward on the exam. I heard most people saying it was harder than the Core but i scored better on the OS. I felt really confident going in so i knew i would pass. At first i wasn't looking forward on the the OS part but i ended up learning a good bit. Passed with a score of a 551. They had a bunch of ?'s on Win95 which surprised me.

Things I got hammered with
-9x,ME, NT,2000,XP Enviroment
-Tons of Win 95 ?'s which i had trouble with since i don't use it.
-Boot.ini (atlest 5 questions just on Boot.ini)
-IO.SYS, MSdos.sys, Config.sys and Autoexec.sys
-Recover Console, SafeMode, and Last known good configuration.
-Event Viewer, Computer Managment, Device Manager.
-Multi Boot OS/Partitions
-NTFS, Fat16 and Fat32
-Basic Networking Questions (atlest 5)
Well thats all i could remember. Thanks for all the help TECHEXAMS! On my way to 70-270 baby.


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