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Ok OK OK. I didn't take both exams in the same day, but I will take the 70-298 Thursday. I doubted myself so much on taking both, I said "forget it, I will be back Thursday."

With that said, passed 70-299. Got a 815. Seems that, all I can do is study at least 2 hours a day, which is pretty efficient. I hate feeling like i am falling behind, so that's the dedication i put towards these 2 test, hopefully my future test. Trying to take advantage, being that i am single and no kids. Not get any younger. Really pushing my life right now.

Also, the job I posted about the IT Admin position in my company. Well apparently, even though I didn't get it, I made some kind of impression that the Support team, (The Windows and Unix admins team), wants me to send them my resume. Well see.

Study Equipment for 70-299

2 or 3 Server 2003 VM's on Virtual Box
Study Notes from the Video
MS 70-299.

Thanks Boards
Next up
CIW Web Foundations Associatef(Knock out some certs before WGU)
ITIL Intermediate Service Operations


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