298 - A Reading Comprehension Test

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Just thought I'd offer a review of this test. A little background first; I have over 10 years of experience, my views may not apply to those of you without experience.

This test was very easy for me, but it took a bit more time than my other tests. There was a lot of reading, but the format was pretty easy to reference. Basically, you're given very detailed scenarios, and are left to make decisions about how to implement various security related concepts.

All in all, it felt like I was taking a reading comprehension test. I scored very well, and my bars were all far to the right...and I did virtually no preparation.

If you're experienced, you should find a lot of this very familiar. If you've already taken a lot of MS exams, you should find a lot of it very familiar as well. It was an easy test, in my opinion, and from my perspective.

Good luck if you're looking to take this test!
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