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you know the one... where you use the install cd and go to the screen that you would as if you were going to use recovery console, but choose the "r" option instead. Data and settings are said to remain in place, but what about applications? has anyone had any problems with the "second 'r' option" on the install cd as some of you might know it? (in particular applications not still being there afterward, but im curious as to any problems for that matter) After all this is installing a fresh copy of windows, which seems pretty drastic, but seems like a pretty handy option if needed, on the other hand.


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    Yes, all your apps will stay. What it does is pretty much "refresh" the Windows system files. Very handy when you are swapping out a motherboard and therefore have a bunch of new devices/drivers....
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    It's very handy, and I've been able to restore many customer computers with it. Esp. the ones that know they want to back some things up, but don't know where they are, so if I wipe it they'll whine and whine.

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