Career it worth while for 40yr old



  • You are never too old, I think it was janmike that said you will always be studying in this field SOOOO TRUE. I tell my students that if you want to make IT a career be prepeared to constantly study.

    A+ and N+ are a good way to start, what is good about them is alot of the knowledge will transfer if you continue down the cisco route. DO NOT be concerned at how fast you study be concerned about learning the material. Once you get in somewhere learn everthing you can and show yourself as an outstanding employee. If the business is medium to large sized there is usually lots of opportunity for advancement

    Most of us do a majority of our studying at home. This is a field that you have to like to stay in it. This website is great for support GOOD LUCK icon_cheers.gif

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    Turgon wrote: »
    First class attitude. Well done. has been an interesting journey the last year and a half......some frustrating moments, but some very rewarding ones as well.
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    In the same boat about career change at age 50, been working with IT firms for 10 yrs as a Tech writer, writing complicated manuals SOPs. Are the online IT classes for MSCA, MSCE, MSTS any different than those that one has to attend and pay much more? does one need a lab to work in that some schools offer? or, can it all be learned from the classes without labs? There is a huge price difference.

    of the ones listed above, which is the best bet to go into, or does it matter?
    Sounds like for guys like me, IT is not a quick fix to employment. Would an EKG technician be quicker or other medical position? Money and time are key issues to enter a new career for me.

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