Passed with 873

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I was surprised by my score. It wasn't exactly easy, but it wasn't hard either. I did think it was slightly harder than the 290 though, but only because there is more material.

I had 48 questions, 1 sim, and many exhibit questions.

You will have more than enough time. I had time to check all my answers, and I am a slow test taker.

I don't think I can add to much to what others have said about this exam. Know DNS records. Know DNS/DHCP properties. Know the Routing options. This is all to be expected. You pretty much need to have some experience playing around with these options on an actual server or VM. Reading the book simply will not cut it.

IPsec was my worst section. I have little experience with that, and the amount of information on IPsec is huge. My advice, just study the basics. Know when and why to use IPsec. Don't stress yourself on this one section. Instead, make up for it on the other questions.

I was caught off guard by several of questions directly dealing with Web Servers. Make sure you review the basic IIS stuff from the 290 test. No one else had mentioned web server questions. And honestly, I found them a little out of place and unrelated to the rest of the exam. Odd.

Honestly, all I used was the MS Press book, and several Server 2003 VMs. I don't think I ever got more than 75% on the MS Press exam simulator, but I find those questions to be much more challenging than the actual MS exams.

Best advice: Go with the most logical answer if you're torn between 2 possible answers on the exam. The questions are not as tricky as you think. Don't OVER think them! The answers are worded so that you can usually immediately disclude a choice. Then it's a matter of deciding between the other 3 choices. You instantly improve your odds of getting a correct answer from 25% to 33.3% Be a smart test taker icon_smile.gif

All I need now is the 70-270 XP exam, and I'm MCSA :)


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