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Wasn't sure the best place to post this, but ran across it today and its a decent tool. I put the config from one of our distribution 7609s and it translated around 50 - 60 percent of the configuration. Like the translator said, I'd definitely check the config manually before using it in production. Its a great tool for converting ACLs and policies thats for sure. It does require that you register for the site, but its free to use.

I2J Translator
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    Oh yea, I2J translator is a sweet tool indeed. I've walked many people through to convert a IOS config to a JUNOS config.

    Glad to hear that you are going through and manually checking the results. I've known a few people who think it's a perfect translation and things sometimes don't get translated 100% correct.

    It's more of a cut your work in half tool and not a do it for you tool :D
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