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Living in TX, we have Hastings, which is a bookstore/media store. Often, they put books in the bargain bin that are either very lightly blemished, or perhaps they've been on the shelf for several months without getting sold.

If you live where there's a Hastings, check it out!

Media Play is another fairly big chain that does something similar.

This year alone I scored these books. All were $6 unless otherwise noted:

MS press 20-18 book, hardback. this one was $12, but who cares?
Various non-ms press books on exams 220, 221, and 290!
Security+ for Dummies.
Network+ for Dummies.
A giant book of Network+ test questions, one version outdated (still good though!).
Red Hat Linux Bible (with the software) $4. It was for RH 9, so that's still alright.
2000 Exchange Server.
Sybex book on XP.

All these books had any accompanying software with them (if there's a book without, they sell it for $.99)

Another great find was some older ExamCram software that covers the MCSE 2000 core exams. The software was originally slated at $149. Got it for $5!

There's all kinds of stuff, including Mac/Linux/Graphincs and esp programming.

Just thought I'd share!
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