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Is it better to elaborate what you did or just provide a "top-level view" of your job responsibilities.

I mean is it better to say > Performed day-to-day DNS and DHCP server maintenance.


Responsible for everyday maintenance of DNS and Exchange servers, duties included resolving mailbox and public folder access, email archival and storage issues.

I think the first method saves you space and you can list more "top-level view" job responsibilitiess but doesnt tell the prospective employer what you really did. People might say "Administered Active Directory and Exchange Server 2003" when in reality, they only created new user accounts...

What do you guys say?
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    Provide a high-level view and make the business case for why that task was important to the organization. i.e. instead of just saying that you configured an Exchange server, say something about how implementing an Exchange server facilitated communication and collaboration between all your locations, numbers of employees, etc. Statistics really stand out.
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    Ok that's a good one. Any other ideas folks?
    NSX, NSX, more NSX..

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