taking it Wed-advice?

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Here goes, I've got the Tcat Pdf (which is very good and worth the money) and several freebie test sites, as well as Preplogic test simulator. Also have the Cert21 test questions but some of these answers contradict my other materials. Any other opinions??? But I'm gonna bite the bullet Wed. Are the questions as straightforward as the PrepLogic for example??


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    Nope - if they were as straightforward as the PrepLogic ones the test would be a breeze icon_rolleyes.gif
    Many of the real questions will perhaps confuse you with the wording or the fact that there are more than the required answers that are correct.
    Look at any questions you are unsure of with the "hmmm - WTF does Comptia want there? thought and you should do ok icon_wink.gif
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  • starlight111starlight111 Member Posts: 14 ■□□□□□□□□□
    yes, I'm set to take it but what scares me is the ambiguity, I'm doing good on the Tcat practice tests but in the "real world" on the test you don't know if you're supposed to pick all that sound good or not b/c the pdf questions don't say, like "select the 2 best answers." icon_confused.gif
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    FYI, I just took it and all of the questions on the exam were single-answer (so, no "choose two answers" or whatnot).
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