Apple, clear some things up.

Ok, just thought I would post to save some of you some coin.

When purchasing a new MacBook or IMac or MacPro there are certian parts that are upgradable/purchasable through any name brand manufacturer.

I bet Apple does not want me to share this information, but since I do not work for them and have no contract with them here are my .02 cents.

Memory is memory
Hard drives are hard drives
Video cards can be flashed and natively work with Apple.

The only component that is a big no-no to swap out is the mobo. These are specially designed for their architecture.

Hope this information helps save some of you here some money.

I will in no way explain how to flash a PC video card to make it work with a Mac etc, tell you what memory to purchase etc. But if you use the google machine I am sure you kind find some info.

Take care!
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