lab hardware for 70-290.....

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hi guys
noob here.
planning to set up a virtual environment for 70-290..... and something i can also run dynamips on and i am considering one or 2 options for the machine.
machine 1:
HP Pavilion dv7-2123 64-bit Laptop
(duo core 2,2 Ghz), Cache 1 MB
4 GB/ DDR2 SDRAM (i can upgrade to 8 GB)
1TB (2 x 500 Gig) SATA-hardisk 5400 rpm

machine 2:
Hp, Pavilion m9840 Desktop
AMD Athlon X4 II 620 64-bit
1.28 TB (2 x 640 GB) SATA 3G Hard Disk Drive

will a laptop be ideal?will appreciate any advice and any relevant information



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    What virtualization software are you planning on using?
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    For the W2003 MCSE, either of those systems should be OK. Plenty of RAM is best if you want several virtual machines running, which will be more important in later exams.
    For the virtual software, just use Microsoft's VirtualPC. It's quick and easy to set up and it does the job. Alternatively, you can try Sun's VirtualBox. Easy to set up and will be useful when you do your Win 2008 exams later, as it can have 64-bit guest OS's (even when the host is only 32-bit).
    A laptop may not be as ideal as a PC because of the smaller screen working area. With a large monitor you can have several images displayed at once. Two large screens is even better !
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