Passing grade for Transcenders

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I am scheduled to do my A+ Hardware this Friday and I have done a couple of Transcenders. I got 680 and 700 according to their scores which they consider a fail (pass=730)

I know the passing grade on the actual test is 515 and that it probably will be a bit harder than Transcenders, but could I assume scoring in the high 600's in Trans means I could pass the real thing??

Anyone attempt the exam getting simular results from the Transcenders??




  • janmikejanmike Posts: 3,076Member
    Generally it's a good idea to get scores of at least 90% on certification exams.

    Have you tried the practice exams on this Techexam site? And, you can get some more free material at

    Best of luck!
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    I agree. The Hardware exam was much harder than I anticipated when I took it a few months ago and barely passed. I would not take it until you can pass every Transcender exam.
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    OK, thanks for the advice...

    I've done three of the Transcenders and now seem to be getting all the same questions again - i guess i've done all the questions they have.

    I'll check out the link you gave for more questions - thanks....

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