Should I go for 2007 or 2010

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I plan to finish the MCITP : EA by January end or mid February at the most and throw in an MCTS : ISA 2006 after that. After that I intend gunning for the MCITP : EMA. Assuming I pass all exams, it will be March/April before I start on the EMA. Do you folks suggest I should do the EMA and then the upgrade for the 2010 : Messaging cert or jump straight to 2010 (I know the 662 is out)??

I know it's going to be a while before I start on the Messaging certs, but I wanted some expert advice on how to proceed. I am no stranger to Exchange (no expert either) and we have 2003 at work. The company will go the 2007/2010 route though I dont know how when, it might be 2011 before they do it. Cant expect a govt. company to lighten its pocket on IT, can ya?

Advice is appreciated.
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